Lethargy is the biggest enemy of your kids. And the penetration of online gaming and virtual learning after the pandemic has compelled children to stay within the four walls of their rooms. Staying indoors always has resulted in the stunted physical growth of kids. As responsible parents, you must encourage your kids to stay physically active even if they stay indoors. 

This blog post enlists 10 fun activities that will keep your kids physically active and agile. 

Let’s find out more about these engaging activities!

Try These Activities with Your Children to Keep Those Lazy Vibes at Bay!

Dancing videos on TikTok and Instagram

TikTok videos and Instagram reels are insanely popular nowadays. If your kids are fond of watching these short-form videos, here’s something you can do to make them active. Encourage them to learn some of the trending dance moves and create videos. 

Learning the moves and rehearsing them again and again before making the final video will make them agile. 

Also, they may get just lucky if their videos go viral!

Sock skating

This can be ideal for those children who have hardwood floorings in their houses. Make your kids wear their favorite socks. Encourage them to slide, take spins or try hockey stops. 

On your part, to ensure their safety, remove all the furniture aside. Also, keep an eye out for splinters.

Playing frisbee in the backyard

Grab a few colorful frisbees and head to the backyard of your home with your kids. Know one thing- kids just love frisbee. 

Tossing frisbees in the air can be a great activity for your children as they try to catch them. Throw the frisbees by experimenting with different heights so that your kids jump, sit, and slide until they get completely exhausted. 

Frisbees can be a great source of joy at sea beaches, botanical gardens and parks as well.

Playing jump-rope games

Rope jumping games, too, can be quite useful in making your children active even when they are indoors.

You can engage them in solo as well as multiplayer rope-jumping games. Rope jumping can enhance stamina with time. And also, practicing these games make the body agile and flexible. 


Hula-hooping can be practised both indoors and outdoors. Hula-hoops can strengthen the core muscles of your children. Also, hula-hooping regularly is a stamina-building activity. To make things interesting for your kids, ask them to do hula-hooping while walking back and forth. Or they can even try spinning the hoops around their arms or ankle. 

Motivate your children to practice hula-hooping regularly to gain proficiency in this balancing act. 

Jenga with a yoga twist

Now, this can be a great family workout game. Start with writing the name of different yoga postures with a pencil on the Jenga blocks. Build up the tower slowly. But whenever anyone needs to pull out a block, every player will have to perform that particular yoga posture that is written on the block. In case the entire tower crumbles down, everyone will have to do the plank for 30 seconds. 

A yarn maze

We are sure that your kids love the action movies of Tom Cruise and James Bond. You can create the same laser effect in a room by tying yarns from one corner of the room to another.  Now instruct your children to get across these “lazer” yarns just like a spy without touching the yarns at any point.

This game is a great test to check the level of flexibility in your kids. 

River rafting

If you are out with your entire family somewhere near a scenic river, try river rafting. Your kids will love the adrenaline rush. Also, they will learn about paddling techniques. River rafting is a fun outdoor activity if done under the proper guidance and observation of experienced rafting guides like Malduk Adventures. 

Scavenger hunting

Yet another outdoor game highly loved by children, scavenger hunting can not only keep your kids entertained, but it will also keep them on their toes, at least for a couple of hours at a stretch. And that’s precisely what we are aiming for, right?

Make a list of things that they can find in the surroundings but not too easily, such as a red leaf, purple flowers and so on.

Playing hopscotch

Go old school with hopscotch. Use chalk to draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground. Join your kids in the game. In today’s world, where every other game is digitized to be played on the small screen of smartphones, your kids will simply love to play hopscotch instead of sitting like couch potatoes. 

Wrapping Up

If you are worried that your kids are spending their time sitting or slouching on the bed or sofa, incorporate these engaging and fun activities into their everyday routine. They would love to participate without feeling burdened or bored, even for once. 

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