Multi-Day Adventure Holidays

Discover breathtaking landscapes for hiking and canyoning in Croatia and enjoy the stunning beauty of the beaches and rivers while kayaking and rafting. Organized and led by local guides.

croatia adventure holiday

7-Day Multisport Adventure from Split

From 776€ pp.

7 Days/ 6 Nights. Small Groups. 5 Adventures.

rafting cetina river

7-Day Activity Holiday from Split

From 712€ pp.

7 Days/ 6 Nights. Small Groups. 5 Adventures

omis snorkeling

5-Day Croatia Adventure Holiday from Split

From 600€ pp.

5 Days/ 4 Nights. Small Groups. 3 Adventures

Croatia Adventure Holidays

Discover the beauty of Croatia and immerse yourself in an adventure like no other! This stunning country, known for its breathtaking islands, pristine beaches, and magnificent architecture, is quickly becoming a top destination for travelers seeking a summer holiday and an adventure of a lifetime.

From sea kayaking to horseback riding, and everything in between, Croatia offers endless possibilities for an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Learn to kayak in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic sea or if you’re seeking a real thrill, go river rafting or try canyoning near the magnificent Biokovo mountain.

Don’t let the idea of crowds and touristy destinations deter you from visiting Croatia. Many of our tours give travelers the opportunity to stay with local hosts and guides, where you’ll be treated to breakfast from nearby farms, enjoy lunch with the catch of the day, and dine in the best undiscovered restaurants. Our friendly local guides are eager to show you all the hidden gems of the country, including secret swimming and snorkeling spots in caves. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with the best adventure possible!

Croatia Multi - Adventure Holiday

Embark on a thrill-seeking multi – adventure in the Adriatic waters and mountains of Croatia. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, our multi – adventure holidays are designed to cater to all levels.

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Cetina River and immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters. Visit the stunning island of Brac and soak in the breathtaking views on offer. Explore the natural splendor of this unique landscape, surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests. Our experienced guides will provide daily briefings and lessons for beginners, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The equipment used in our tours are extremely stable, certified by EU standards and designed for each adventure from rafting, canyoning to kayaking. Our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the perfect adventure, tailored to your needs and preferences. So, get ready for an unforgettable experience on the sparkling waters of the Adriatic!

Getting To Croatia

Experience the beauty of Croatia with ease! With daily flights to destinations like Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, and Pula offered by airlines like British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian, Jet2, Croatia Airlines, Iberia, SAS offer frequent flights from major cities around Europe and the world, making travel to Croatia even more accessible. Prices for round-trip flights are kept competitive, starting at approximately 200€‎ and can be even lower if you book in advance.

Once you arrive in the country, take advantage of the reliable and affordable bus or ferry services to get around. While taxis are available, they can be expensive, so consider using public transportation instead. Major cities like Split, Rijeka, Zadar, and Dubrovnik offer efficient bus services, while Zagreb has an extensive network of electric trams. For those starting a tour on an island or any other location outside of the main cities, transfers via van, boat, or ferry are often included.

For the best flight options, we recommend using Skyscanner to plan your trip to Croatia.

When to visit Croatia

Croatia’s peak season is from June to August, when the weather is hot and temperatures can reach up to the mid 30s. During this time, you can expect busy beaches and bustling restaurants. However, prices may be higher than usual.

For a less crowded experience, consider visiting in May or September when temperatures are milder and fewer tourists are around. While some shops and restaurants may be closed during this time, it is an ideal period for outdoor activities like cycling or sailing. September, in particular, is a great time for sailing as the sea is warm and perfect for a refreshing dip.


European citizens are currently exempt from obtaining a visa for travel to Croatia for stays up to 90 days. A valid passport and a return ticket are required. US citizens also do not require a visa, but must have a valid passport and a return ticket on hand. Upon arrival, it may be necessary to show the return ticket or fill out a landing card. If a UK citizen plans to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days, it is necessary to obtain a visa prior to travel. Overstaying can result in fines or detention, so it is important to ensure that your travel arrangements are in order.


The official currency of Croatia is now the euro, which came into effect on January 1st, 2023. Though Croatian kuna will still be accepted until January 15th, it is recommended to exchange it for euros at local banks before the end of 2023. The majority of banks and hotels in the country accept major credit and debit cards, and most ATMs are equipped to handle standard international cards.

Other Information

Visiting Croatia offers a rich cultural experience. The country is predominantly Catholic, but there are no strict dress codes to adhere to. English is widely spoken and the locals are friendly, especially in tourist areas where guides speak the language. Tipping is appreciated, especially in restaurants, and if you’re taking photos of locals, it’s polite to ask permission and potentially offer a small donation.

When it comes to food, be sure to try as much of the local cuisine as possible! From the freshest seafood to hearty meat dishes, the options are endless. If you’re on a guided trip, rest assured that you’ll be taken to unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations for truly authentic experiences.

Note that Croatian tap water is safe to drink and is considered one of the cleanest in the world. Additionally, most major credit and debit cards are accepted in banks and hotels.

Why Malduk Adventures?

If you’re looking to explore Croatia and experience all it has to offer, there’s no better option than Malduk Adventures. As a local company with local guides, we can provide you with an authentic Croatian experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Our team of experienced guides are passionate about Croatia and its culture, and are dedicated to sharing this love with our guests.

When you choose Malduk Adventures, you’re not just selecting a tour operator, you’re joining a community of like-minded travelers who are seeking to explore the best that Croatia has to offer. We offer a range of adventure tours that are tailored to your interests and skill level, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Croatia.

One of the best things about choosing Malduk Adventures is that we don’t charge any agency fees. That means you can enjoy a high-quality tour experience without breaking the bank. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonder of Croatia, which is why we strive to keep our prices affordable and accessible.

So, whether you’re looking to hike through Krka National Park, explore the sparkling waters of the Adriatic, or delve into the local culture and cuisine of Croatia, Malduk Adventures has you covered. Join us today and discover all that this beautiful country has to offer!


Based on ours, it seems that our adventure tours experience with us was enjoyable for all our guests.

Sara TrościankoSara Trościanko
20:12 11 Oct 23
I highly recommend!! The guide made even difficult moments easy. It was fun and safe. A mega interesting experience, climbing and swimming in one! The team answers all questions, talks about the country, and during the trip you feel like you are with friends.
Katie GouldKatie Gould
10:06 06 Oct 23
Absolutely wonderful people, would really recommend Malduk Adventures. Each and every guide was so knowledgeable of the area and each activity they ran. Thank you all so much
Natalie Jaman-HoganNatalie Jaman-Hogan
12:02 05 Oct 23
I booked the extreme canyoning and had an awesome time. Highly recommend! The guide Mitch was lovely and knowledgeable adding to the experience. I got picked up from Omiš, the ride was super scenic and an experience in itself!An awesome day out with beautiful scenery and some adrenaline thrown in there too!
Richard BrownRichard Brown
17:09 18 Sep 23
Great trip. Mitch & Toni we awesome guides, really enjoyed the experience. This is the 2nd time I’ve done it, I’d definitely recommend.
Laura LegenzovaiteLaura Legenzovaite
09:14 13 Sep 23
The best experience in Croatia. Friendly and experienced staff. Would do canyoning tour again and again
Kay StrenziokKay Strenziok
19:19 27 Aug 23
We booked a rafting tour with Malduk Adventures. The service was very friendly.The rafting tour is a must have for guys who like to do something in the nature with a bit of adventure. We had a beautiful tour along the river with exiting moments of fast rafting. The skipper (his name is Toni) was also very good. He explained everything, brought attention to important safety things and he is good guy for fun and explore such an adventure.Besides the nature, we stopped by a waterfall where you ca drink directly from the hill.The whole experience was nice journey. In summertime it is also a good family activity. Rafting sounds extreme but this event is definitely also something for beginners.Thanks for this great day.
07:57 09 Jul 23
Me and my boyfriend went on the extreme canyoning trip with Malduk Adventures.The service before our trip was very friendly.During the trip, our tour guide was Mitch. He was very knowledgeable and we had great conversations with him and a good laugh.One of the best experiences I have ever been on! Can definitely recommend! So worth the price for the unforgettable experience you will have!
Tim ParkTim Park
14:58 22 Jun 23
My wife and I booked the Extreme Canyoning Tour and our tour guide was Mitch, who was very personable, easy going and funny! He made sure we had a great time with plenty of photos along the way. He is a top guide and I highly recommend booking with Malduk!!! If you're looking for a guide who will have genuine conversations and talk about Croatia/Split, this is your tour.
Dennis KornmanDennis Kornman
20:43 11 Aug 22
We did the rafting tour down Cetina river and we had the time of our life! Really a 10 out of 10. Sanja is a great captain who was firm in control but also made us laugh a lot. And Damir runs a tight organization and is very helpful and kind. During the trip there was also time for swimming, rope jumping, cliff diving and dipping under a waterfall. A great day for anyone! Highly recommendable.
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