The historical town of Omis is situated right between the Adriatic Sea and the Cetina River. Once notorious as a pirate town, Omis initially used to gain prosperity from piracy. But at present, Omis is known for its adventure tourism. Travelers visit Omis for its spectacular natural beauty, enriching history, deep-rooted culture and scenic landscapes. If you are planning to visit Omis this summer, here’s what you must know!

Top 7 Reasons You Must Visit Croatia At least Once in Life!

– Lose yourself in the picturesque beauty of Omis

Omis is famous for its natural beauty. If you wish to behold the raw charm of nature, you must definitely visit Omis at least once in your life. The strategic location of Omis at the mouth of the Cetina River, as well as the surrounding mountains, makes the place highly irresistible. The overall natural beauty of Omis is absolutely soothing. The canyons, hills, sea, and the Cetina River together contribute to the exalted beauty of Omis.

– Indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities

The best way to explore the panoramic elegance of Omis, one must participate in different types of adventure activities such as canyoning, zip lining, rafting, trekking and so on. These activities bring you closer to Mother Nature as you can witness the enormity of nature from proximity. There are many reputed adventure tour guides who can help you in exploring these adrenaline-pumping activities. Omis is also known as the adventure capital of Croatia. So, if you wish to explore canyoning or rafting in Croatia, then you know which place to visit!

– Relish the local cuisine

Once in Omis, you cannot simply resist the scrumptious local food. From local eateries to fine dining restaurants, you get to explore authentic Croatian cuisine comfortably. You must indulge in dishes like peka as well as meals prepared out of fresh river water fish. You can enjoy the sea beach view while gorging on these delicacies in any beach restaurant.

– Soak in the charm of pristine sand beaches

Are you fond of sunbathing and relaxing on sandy beaches? Then ditch the Croatian beaches and go for pristine sea beaches at Omis. These beaches are just the perfect options for families and friends. Travelers prefer to spend time on the beaches of Omis during the summers. At the beaches, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy activities like kayaking, boating, jet skis and so on. Also, if you wish to spend some quality “me-time,” you can visit any of these sandy beaches and simply soak in the warmth of the sun.

– Enjoy the cowboy vibes in Sinj

We all have fascinating childhood memories of our favorite cowboy cartoons. If you wish to relive those memories, make sure you plan a trip to Sinj near Omis. There you can enjoy horseback riding. Riding schools are also there for brief training. And you can easily participate in regular horseback riding activities.

– Witness the majestic enactment of yesteryear’s pirate battles

Omis was a safe haven for the pirates between the 12th to 14th centuries. In those days, the pirates used to attack merchant vessels and papal ships. At Omis, people still enact those fierce battle scenes. When at Omis, you must definitely witness the glory and majesty of those spectacular battle enactment shows to understand the history of the place.

– Enjoy a peaceful picnic with your loved ones at the Omis Riviera

The 20 miles long Omis Riviera is the ideal picnic spot to spend some tranquil time with your loved ones. The Riviera is dotted by small bays, secluded beaches, fishing beaches, dense thickets and rocky terrains. This off-beat place is a gem for photography buffs. Omis Riviera brings you the ultimate peace of your mind. If you are way too overwhelmed by the humdrum of city life, then do not forget to include this serene location in your itinerary.

In a nutshell

A trip to Omis should definitely be there in your bucket list if you are fond of nature’s beauty and adventure sports. This place has a lot to offer to tourists. If you wish to make the most out of your trip to Omis, ensure you hire a reliable and reputed adventure tour guide such as Malduk Adventures. A credible and experienced adventure tour operator in Croatia, Malduk Adventure lets you explore the enchanting elegance of Omis and participate in different adrenaline-kicking sports. Connect with us for a heightened experience on your next Omis trip.